Trucking is Now a Relay Sport.

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Our Mission

Is to empower our professional truckers with the option to choose when and where they work and a healthy environment, free from the frustrations of typical office politics. One that instead focuses on rewarding Hard-Working Truckers with flexible schedules, guaranteed pay, and a much happier work/life balance.

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Our platform allows you to work with the best trucking company in the industry without any hassle. You get to pick when and where you work – deciding when you want to go back home to your loved ones or favorite hobbies.  Return home every 48 hours or every 2 weeks?  With SpotKew, you’re in control.


We are proud to offer one of the best pay rates in the industry!  Our platform’s proven technology ensures that you will receive the best income based on your record and experience – completely eliminating gender and cultural biases.  We take it a step further with SpotKew’s Smart-Performance™ automatic pay raise technology.  No nerve-wracking review required.

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We understand why you’ve been switching from one company to the next.   The constant search for better pay, better home time and better treatment.  While working on our platform, if one of our partner companies offers you a better opportunity than we can – we encourage you to go for it!  Your happiness is what’s important, even if it means parting ways.

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