Keep Turning and Keep Earning.

Our Qualified Relay Drivers, Will Help You Make Any Load, a Team Load, On-Demand.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to enable Trucking Companies to get the most out of their equipment by providing On-Demand, Relay Drivers with Available driving hours to keep their trucks on the road, rather than sitting at some truck-stop 13 hours a day. Think of us as you team driver, on-demand.

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Our TRU-FIT RELAY™ Algorithm uses machine-learning to match your company with the right RELAY driver.  This helps to keep your promises to customers by delivering loads on time, creating a stronger partnership between your organization and the customers you serve.


Our system provides you with intelligent, real-time insight for traffic and weather conditions which could result in potential delays or late deliveries to your customers.  This constant, personalized connection with curated data allows you to proactively navigate through your drivers’ ever-changing environments and know exactly when to request a RELAY DRIVER.

Trucker, truck driver, truck driver jobs, truck driver salary, spotkew
Trucker, truck driver, truck driver jobs, truck driver salary, spotkew


Our Platform has some of the best Professional Truckers in the industry. Most of all, they understand the importance of constantly delivering the best customer service and professionalism. As a company, if you discover a Tru-Match™ between your company and one of our Relay Drivers, we encourage you to make a move and see if the feeling is mutual. There’s never a fee if you decided to hire one of our drivers.

SpotKew blends seamlessly into your process and accelerates the velocity on the way you do common tasks.

If your Company’s hiring needs exceed  100 Drivers per month, join our Early Access Program waiting list.